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      An effortless talented storyteller with a breathtaking and pure singing talent and songwriting ability, KRISTII has an true gift of melody and lyrics far beyond her twenty two years. 

       KRISTII has definitely made an impression by jumping on to the Billboard Dance Charts in the US with the release of “Recovery” and the Remixes by Dave Matthias and Dave Aude of the song “Recovery” which landed KRISTII to Number8 on the US Dance Radio. “Recovery” spent 12 weeks in the top 10, which was a surprise breakthrough.
      Quietly released onto KRISTII’s personal SoundCloud and YouTube, this single didn’t remain a secret for too long. KRISTII shortly after became a new and fresh name amongst a brand new generation of Rnb-Pop female artists. KRISTII’s growth (musically, physically, mentally) has been extraordinary.
       She directed her own music videos like “Moonchild” in May 2022, “Recovery”, “Don’t Run Away”, “Shelter” in 2022 and in September 2022 directed “Saucy”(where she payed the role of Cleopatra very realistically, as KRISTII is also a professional actress, who was invited to the Cannes Film Festival, to the Un Certain Regard competition in 2019, as the main actress Kristii Schneider of the film “Once in Trubchevsk” and who played in more movies like “Chagall-Malevich”, “Silent Suitcase”, “
       The Audition” and more. KRISTII has gone from playing small, intimate shows to touring with Tory Lanez around the US and opening 23 of his shows, which has been an increasingly-surreal experience for a young artist. KRISTII also has been asked to perform at the LA Pride Music Festival, and more Festivals like the the Monrovia Music Festival.
        In 2023 KRISTII plans a new album release which will include Rnb-Pop tracks written by the best producers and songwriters like Scott Storch, Verse Simmonds, Victoria Monet, Tommy Brown, TheGhost, Carmen Reece, Fabe Paperboy, Cheyenne Surratt. KRISTII remains an indie artist and does everything on her own and continues to surprise her fans she loves, who love her back by streaming her music and following.
        KRISTII has emerged as one of Austria’s most lyrical, unfiltered and strong soprano voices, with songs that show everything from soul, love, depth, to emotions and girl power, teaching males and females around the world to go on no matter what and to be their true self.

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