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A rising star

Kristii is already a very experienced songwriter and music creator, even though she is so young!

Great number of hits and plenty hours of working in recording studios plus to club performances!

And no doubts, her acting talent and education are also the key to success!

Kristii creates RnB-style music but as a musician with a wide outlook, she feels and captures a variety of cultural and musical trends: African-American traditions, Egyptian motifs. In one of her recent shows, Kristii appeared in an image of the great Cleopatra, a symbol of beauty and dignity in ancient Egypt.

Her work miraculously combines a strong voice and amazing plasticity, so relevant for modern music shows. And the individual, unique style, and the deep meaning of lyrics, all this won the hearts of many fans of her talent in America and Europe.

Kristii is a rising star, and the professionalism she demonstrates, will bring her great awards and even wider recognition in the very near future!


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